A world of possibilities

“When you purchase an aircraft through ACJetexpert, you receive the highest level of performance, and luxury from your investment. With a wide variety of pre-owned, and new corporate aircraft on sale, we will always find an option that matches your distinct tastes. Whether you regularly travel domestically or abroad, we can provide a perfect solution to meet your needs.

Acting as a principal, the company seeks out special opportunities, and can respond quickly to bring aircraft into inventory or to the attention of our clients.
The company’s extensive consulting and trading experience throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia or Africa has led to an understanding of both international business practices, and varying and often conflicting aviation regulations. Our technical resources allow for effective assessment of aircraft throughout the world, and our experience with the most trusted professionals in all major world markets produces timely and effective results for our clients.
If you are currently considering the acquisition of an aircraft, let ACJetexpert show you a world of possibilities.
I am Doru Matei, the founder and owner of Aviation Consult Jetexpert. Please pick up the phone, and give me a call to show you what we can do for you!

Doru Matei
Founder & CEO, Aviation Consult Jetexpert

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