Business Aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 605


  • Widebody space and comfort in the most productive, highly-evolved cabin in its class
  • Latest-generation avionics provide simplified functionality to further reduce pilot workload
  • Superior reliability and the cost efficiency of much smaller jets


  • Total Time Since New 100 Hours
  • Total Landings Since New 70 Landings
  • Entry into service date April 2013

Flight deck and avionics:

  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite

User interface:

  • 4 LCD display units( 10” x 12”)
  • Weather radar system including turbulence detection
  • Dual flight management systems


  • Automatic flight control system
  • Dual air data computers
  • Dual VHF navigation receivers
  • Dual auto directional finder receiver
  • Dual distance measuring equipment transceivers
  • Dual satellite based augmentation system GPS receivers
  • Dual inertial reference systems
  • Dual transponders with Mode S and ADS-B Out in non- radar areas
  • Autothrottle system

Enhanced Safety and Situational Awareness

  • Engine indication and crew awareness system
  • Integrated flight information system displaying electronic charts on the MFD
  • Terrain awareness and warning system including windshear detection
  • Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS II) 7.1 compliant


  • Dual VHF comm. system
  • Dual HF comm. system with SELCAL monitoring

Indicating/Recording Systems

  • Electronic flight instrument system
  • Cockpit voice recorder, 2 hours
  • Digital flight data recorder, 25 hours
  • Emergency locator transmitter
  • Integrated electronic standbay instrument
  • Maintenance diagnostic computer


  • Two General Electronic CF34-3B turbofans
  • 8,729 pounds thrust each, flat rated at ISA + 15 C
  • On-condition maintenance
  • Cascade-type thrust reversers


  • 1 Honeywell 36-150(CL) gas turbine


  • Transport Canada and FAA FAR Part 25


  • 12 passengers configuration with forward club seatings and aft divan

Entrance Cabin Area

  • Galley with appliances for self-service or flight attendant
  • Track and swivel jumpseat certified for taxi, take-off and landing

Passenger Main Cabin (from forward to aft area)

  • Forward bulkhead with sliding pocket door
  • Stand-up cabin with flat floor throughout the cabin
  • 4 single seats that swivel 360 and recline 180
  • 1 bi-fold table per seat pair
  • Full berthing 3 place divan with 4 seatbelts, certified for taxi, take-off and landing
  • 4 seat conference table

Aft baggage area and lavatory

  • Bulkhead with hinged door
  • Lavatory with full-length mirror
  • Baggage compartment accessible in-flight

Communication and Electical Systems

  • SATCOM system including 2 iridium handsets
  • 6 universal outlets (115 V 60 Hz)
  • Ethernet – based cabin electronic system

Cabin Electronic System

  • Airshow ASX with day/night maps with time zones In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system
  • 2 HD monitors
  • Dual Blu –Ray Disk Player (BDP)/DVD/CD/MP3 player
  • 1 Integrated IPod dock station
  • Audio system including 6 speakers , subwoofers and 1 amplifier


Avionics Options:

  • 2nd Radio Altimeter
  • 3rd Inertial Reference System
  • Datalink (VDL Mode 2) with Link 2000+ and Iridium Interface
  • Datalink Printing with Network Printer
  • Full-Face Cockpit EROS Oxygen Masks (set) (substitution)
  • Tronair Axle Jack and Storage Box

Interior Options :

  • Berthing Pan Lifter LH2
  • Berthing Pan Lifter RH1
  • Manual Recliner Footrest LH2
  • Manual Recliner Footrest RH2
  • Additional Baggage Shelf
  • Customer CCF Stowage Insert, Galley
  • Additional Cabin Jack Audio Video Port RH5

Exterior options:

  • Buffed Cockpit Windshield Frame

Floor Plan Options

  • Floor Plan 2

Operation Options

  • Foreign Certification
  • FAR Part 135 Requirements Package

Customization options

  • Additional National Requirement –change country of Reg from USA to TBD
  • Metal inlays on pull-out and conference tables
  • Aircraft is painted in Mattherhorn White without stripes