Performance, Value and Integrity

Aviation Consult Jetexpert provides a wide variety of services specific to the industry in order to fulfil your aviation requirements.

Aircraft Purchase and Sale

We are prepared to find the perfect aircraft for you at the right price using our first hand knowledge of aircraft and our more than 50 years cumulated experience in the ACJE team.

Through our vast experience gained from a multitude of transactions, we can guide and represent our customers in all aspects of the marketing and sales process. Here is an overview of the tasks we undertake in assisting you:
• analyze mission profile in order to identify appropriate aircraft
• evaluate current market conditions
• identify best offers
• assist and consult in negotiations of price terms and conditions
• co-ordinate and monitor pre-purchase inspections and maintenance operations as needed.
• assist as requested in the selection of options and outfitting of the aircraft

Escrow and closing services

ACJetexpert handles all the details of the escrow arrangement and schedules all closing procedures. We use an independent aircraft title and escrow service to make sure both buyer’s and seller’s interests are fairly represented.

Global Network

Through our many years of experience, we have built an extensive network of technicians, legal experts, insurance agents, aviation authorities and escrow agents.

Pre-buy Inspections

All aircraft sold by ACJetexpert are given extensive pre-purchase inspections by an FAA- or EASA-licensed facility. This provides the customers with the certainty that the aircraft is in impeccable airworthy condition.

Marketing Agent Services

ACJE manages the entire the entire campaign. There are no hidden fees for our clients. ACJetexpert advertising methods cover Internet and print advertising as well as Direct Telephone and email campaigning.


Our experts’ broad experience in the aviation business qualifies us as prime candidate to advice you on a wide variety of industry requirements.


We can identify and explain in detail the most complex regulations including de-registration and registration of aircraft in Europe and all around the world.

Deal Details

We guide you safely through the complex details of e.g. ownership history, operating costs, performance data, mandatory FAA and EASA inspections and transfer of title.

Required Documentation

We assist you with the execution of contracts and aeronautical documentation regarding EASA, FAA, International Registry and individual country registration and certification.

Tax Considerations

We support you with the challenge of minimising exposure to VAT and through the process of importing an aircraft into the EU.